Review: Owel – ‘Every Good Boy’


by Deanna Chapman

In recent years, I’ve only had a handful of EPs I really enjoyed – if that. This year is apparently a completely different story. Owel’s Every Good Boy is now the 5th or 6th EP I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year. And it’s only April. I hadn’t heard of the band until they signed with intheclouds. The band had started and IndieGoGo campaign to fund the EP, but didn’t receive quite enough money, so the label stepped in to help them release it, and I’m sure glad they did. I’m not familiar with the history of this band, but I guarantee you I will be. After giving this EP several listens, I plan on listening to their previous release and whatever they put out in the future.

I suppose I should stop gushing and get to the actual review. “Every Good Boy Does Fine” easily became one of those songs you just recognize as soon as it starts playing. I heard it played on the Modern Vinyl Podcast and my reaction was, “Hey, I know this song!” as soon as it started. It was also released as the first single and was a great choice. The songs are hauntingly beautiful with the way the music, melodies, and Jay’s voice all come together. The piano and violin playing are extremely well done and makes each song stand out.

I found the EP to be great music not only for enjoying, but for focusing, too. It’s also a nice change to all of the guitar driven music I’ve been listening to as of late. “Razor” was slightly long for my taste since a time or two I almost forgot I was listening to the same song. But I’m also just picky about what kind of songs I really, really enjoy that are over six minutes long. So that’s not a knock against the band, just a personal preference. Owel is heading in a great direction and intheclouds did a fantastic job with finding out about this band. I expect that this is an EP I won’t be forgetting about by the end of the year, and that a wonderful thing.

Be sure to check out the release April 28th via intheclouds! You can purchase the EP from the label here.