Review: All Get Out – Movement

All Get Out fans have been waiting four years for the band to follow up their debut LP The Seasons with new music. That music is finally here via Bad Timing Records and Favorite Gentleman Records. The two recently worked together to reissue the debut LP on vinyl and quickly followed that announcement up with the band’s Movement EP. This must just be a damn good year for EPs because this is yet another that I greatly enjoyed. I’ve apparently made it a habit to get introduced to a good amount of great artists after they’ve already had their first release or two. I, regretfully, have not checked out the LP from All Get Out yet since I was busy soaking in Movement lately. But don’t worry, it’s on my list of albums to listen to.

“Sans” abruptly starts the EP and doesn’t give you time to think about what just happened. If you don’t pay attention while listening to this EP, you’ll definitely be missing out on fantastic melodies and lyrics. “Sans” does a great job of attracting your attention right from the start. One of the great things about releasing an EP is that there’s no room for filler tracks. You go all on or it won’t pay off. That worked perfectly here for All Get Out. “Movement” is by far the catchiest song on the EP, which made it the best choice for a single. The release closes out with “All My Friends Are Dead.” You can hear the fluctuating emotions throughout the song and the guitars are just killer (no pun intended) – a fantastic ending to what is likely a top 3 EP of the year.