Review: The Weaks – ‘Bad Year’

by Deanna Chapman

The first thing I wrote when writing my notes for this review of Bad Year by The Weaks was “Weezer-like melody vibes.” And while I don’t really remember doing that, I am still sticking to that statement. While the tones aren’t quite the same, it definitely reminded me of mid 90’s Weezer. The lyrical melodies had that same energetic, playful feel to them with some grungy guitars to go along at times.

Plenty of the lyrics throughout the album will be easy to related to for many. And if you don’t somehow enjoy the guitars on this record, this album either just isn’t your thing or you may need to get yours ears checked. “Kick It” launches the album with some great bass and a good, upbeat song. My favorite song of the album came later in the album with “Dysania.” I’m going to be quite frank here, I had no clue what dysania meant and only looked it up because of this song. And once I did, it made the song even more enjoyable and relatable.

My only real criticism for the album would be to maybe have some more variety. While the album was consistent with the tone, it may have been nice to throw in maybe a song that featured acoustic guitar more. I’ve seen these guys do an acoustic set before and I know it can easily be just as great as their full band sets. Other than that, the album was extremely entertaining and I plan to continue to listen to it a whole lot more. It makes you wonder, though, how will they top themselves for a sophomore release? I sure plan on sticking with this band and finding out. I highly recommend Bad Year if you want a new, awesome indie rock band to listen to.