Lakers Free Agents: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

by Deanna Chapman

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin looked promising when he first joined the Lakers roster. With Steve Nash out off and on the first season and no where to be found this season, he had a chance to be the point guard the Lakers desperately needed. It’s no surprise that the Lakers have yet again had an injury-plagued season. Lin has missed a couple games, but he’s still played more games than everyone but Ed Davis. However, late in the season he has shown some signs of the Jeremy Lin we all know and enjoy watching.

I’m a bit torn about whether or not the Lakers should keep Lin or not. He’s been fairly inconsistent this season and has now been coming off the bench while the rookie, Jordan Clarkson, gets a chance to start. The Lakers just might not be the right fit for Lin, but hopefully if the Lakers do keep him around, they can find a good way to incorporate him into the offense more consistently.

Carlos Boozer

I had a feeling the Lakers would obtain Boozer in the off season as soon as I heard Gasol was heading to the Bulls. It’s safe to say that his game has been fairly average for a veteran big man. He spent the first portion of the season starting games, but ultimately only started in 26 (out of the 66 he’s played at the time of writing this). That’s the same amount as Jeremy Lin. However, it’s good to have some bench players with decent stats. Although, decent is a very strong word considering that’s not how the Lakers have been playing this season.

Overall, I don’t think the Lakers should keep Boozer around after this season. It’s great to have some veterans on the team, but the team has plenty of those already. The Lakers should continue to develop the younger players and see who they can get in free agency that would be a more effective player on the team. Besides, once Randle is back on the court, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the younger big man and allow him to develop? Lakers may have too many players at the PF and C positions if they keep Boozer around.

Ed Davis

Stay. Stay. Stay. Despite being on a losing team, Ed Davis seems to be one of the few players who will give it everything he’s got every single game. It may not be fair for Davis to be on a team this bad because he could be great on a team that would surround him with better talent, but for selfish reasons, I absolutely want him to stay with the Lakers. Out of everyone on the team, he has the highest PER at 20.4 [1]. There isn’t even anyone else on the team above 20. The Lakers could really use a guy like Davis on the team for the long term I believe. He’s energetic, defends the rim, and still has room for improvement. Since he’s only been in the league four years, he has plenty of time left to perform at the current level he’s at. Of the three free agents, I hope Ed Davis stays more so than Boozer and Lin.

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