Review: Head North – ‘Bloodlines’


by Deanna Chapman

I didn’t know much at all about Head North before they signed with Bad Timing Records to release Bloodlines. As soon as I heard the first song they released off the EP, I instantly knew it would be a great release. “Brave Hands” kicks its off with painful lyrics that you just can’t stop listening to. Around the 3:30 mark you hear a kick ass guitar part that makes you wish the song wouldn’t end. A line that really stood out to me was “And I was not meant to die here” in “Bluejay.” Haven’t we all felt that way at one point or another after being in one place for what seemed to be way too long? Even if you haven’t, I suppose there’s a reason Head North has @SadNorth as their Twitter handle.

Love, loss, and hopelessness stood out as the main topics. All the things that can make anyone and everyone feel something. If you’re ready to be sad, then you’ll surely love this EP. It’s like when you can’t look away from something that’s a train wreck because you just need to know how it ends. And I mean that as a compliment in the best way possible. The amount of emotion and feeling put into this album just makes you want to keep coming back for more despite the solemn nature of the songs.

I may not have made this a long review and only mentioned two of the songs by name, but that doesn’t mean you should only listen to those two. I just didn’t want to be too redundant in how I feel about these songs – I love listening to them. It’s that simple. I greatly look forward to what comes next for the band.