Review: You, Me, And Everyone We Know – Dogged EP


by Deanna Chapman

I honestly can’t remember how or when I heard of You, Me, and Everyone We Know, but what I do know is that their very first EP, Party for the Grown and Sexy, is what got me hooked. For a while, the band flew under the radar for me. I honestly didn’t even know of some of their more recent releases. When I heard about this one, though, I knew I had to hear it as soon as possible.

Six songs may not have been enough to completely satisfy what I wanted out of this release, but it’s still great. I remember their lyrics being so good that you could instantly picture every moment they were singing about. Several years removed from that first EP and that still rings true. Songs like “Eat My Hands” and “Brooks Was Here” bring you joy despite the not-so-cheerful lyrical content. The way the band mixes the upbeat melody with the lyrics makes you want to sing along no matter how dreadful or grotesque the lyrics are. Let’s face it, “I’m gonna eat my hands tonight” is a line that definitely lets the imagination do all the work. And it sure isn’t pretty. But you’ll love it anyway, especially if you’ve already been a fan of the band.

Another note on “Brooks Was Here.” Maybe it’s just me but the vocal melody strongly reminded me of “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. This is by no means a bad thing, it just slightly distracted me from the song at first. As a whole, the EP is wonderful, dreary, and imaginative all at the same time. My only quip is that the intro, “Raise Them Bones,” wasn’t turned into a full song. Every time it comes on, I keep wishing it was a couple minutes longer. Brutal honesty is something you’ll find here and I presume it’s something you’ll also greatly enjoy. I know I did.