Getting To Know Jeremy & The Harlequins


by Deanna Chapman

We recently had the awesome chance to interview Jeremy Fury of Jeremy & the Harlequins. The band released their album, American Dreamer, and had singles released with Nylon and the Wall Street Journal. You can get to know more about the band below. Hope you enjoy!

Hey! Why don’t we start off with a little bit about the band – where are you all from originally?

Stevie and I grew up in Ohio.  Craig is from Long Island.  Patrick is from New Jersey.  And our newest addition, Bobby Lechner, is from Erie, PA.  We are based out of New York now.

How did you guys meet and ultimately end up forming the band?

Craig and I had been working together for the past couple years, but the sound never clicked how we wanted.  Stevie, my brother, was living in Paris at the time.  This was a couple years ago.  Anyway, he came back to visit the US for a few weeks.  In that time, we started working on the songs that eventually became the album  American Dreamer.  Craig met Patrick only a day before we started pre-production on the album.  The whole process was a long gestation period with a quick birth.  

Upon first hearing your music, I got a vibe similar to that of the Arctic Monkeys mixed with Buddy Holly. Simply just some good ol’ rock ’n’ roll. Can you let us know some of your influences?

Musically?  Gene Vincent, T-Rex, John Lennon, Roy Orbison, The Crystals, Phil Spector stuff.  A lot of our influences are visual as well.  We pull a lot from the mid 70’s take on 50’s nostalgia.  Also, David Lynch, John Waters, etc.

Being a band in New York, there are a ton of venues to play. What has been your favorite one so far and why?

Bowery Electric has been a lot of fun as a smaller venue.  They’ve been having these parties we’ve either been guest playing at or hosting called Sally Can’t Dance.  They’re great.  You feel like you’re in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  As for larger venues, the new Rough Trade is pretty cool.  The sound is great and it ain’t half bad being able to buy some vinyl after sound check.

With the release of your debut album, are there any plans to tour?

We will be soon.  Right now we’ve been playing mainly on the east coast and mid west.  There is a chance we might be in the UK very soon.  Fingers crossed.

What was it like writing the album in just one week?

It was a little overwhelming, but a lot of fun.  There was never any time to over think anything, so it was liberating in that way.  But it was also very intense because we knew we had such a short amount of time to do it in.  It wasn’t so much a choice to do it that way as it was the only viable option at the time.  The whole being a band thing kind of snowballed out of that great experience in making the album.  Had we not done that and done it in that way, I don’t know where we’d be.