Review: Anna Greenwald – ‘Fire Songs’


by Deanna Chapman

I’m a little late on this review, but Anna Greenwald (who I happen to be friends with) recorded a brand new EP titled Fire Songs and released it January 1st. Needless to say, it was a great way to kick off the year. I had known that Anna could sing and enjoyed it, but I hadn’t heard a whole lot of original material from her. So for a while, I enjoyed the covers she would perform and patiently awaited the release of her EP.

Fire Songs kicks off with “Riverbed Blues.” The song shows of Anna’s great vocal ability and has an upbeat acoustic guitar part to accompany it. The combination makes for a great start to the EP and instantly left me wanting to hear more. I’m a sucker for acoustic songs, so this was great for me. The combination of piano and acoustic guitar gives the EP a real somber feel to it. Anna lets her voice do most of the work, and she does it very well. It allows you to focus on the lyrics since the accompanying music isn’t so busy that it distracts from the rest.

“Siren Song” is on the slower side, but the incorporation of the viola, mandolin, and violin makes it worthwhile. I should also note that Anna plays piano on the EP so she’s definitely talented as not only a singer, but as a songwriter, too. “Siren Song” really emphasizes her strengths in both. The EP closes out with “ Autumn Gold” and I loved the piano introduction. It gives it a mysterious feel and ultimately was a great closing song. If you enjoy acoustic guitar and piano coupled with good vocals, you should definitely check out Anna’s music. You can find the EP on Bandcamp.