Album Review: The Districts – ‘A Flourish and a Spoil’

by Deanna Chapman

I first heard about The Districts while attending college at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Initially, I didn’t check them out. But then I heard that they would be releasing A Flourish and a Spoil and decided that would be my chance. It’s safe to say that I made a mistake in waiting to check them out. I absolutely adore this album and I’m now inclined to go back and listen to their previous work. This seems to happen to me quite often.

From beginning to end, this was a solid, enjoyable album. I may even go out on a limb and say it could make my end of the year list, and yes, I am aware I’m saying this when it’s only February. That’s how much I love it. “4th And Roebling” was a fantastic choice to kick off the album. The song was also chosen as one of the singles off the album and it quickly sets the tone. It was tough to pick stand out tracks on this album since I found myself enthralled in so many of them. “Chlorine” was one I found myself singing along to after only a listen or two because it’s simply catchy. The boys switched it up with “Suburban Smell” in the middle for the album. The song is an intimate, acoustic jam. My only complaint is that it was a fairly short song and I kept wishing it was a bit longer.

As for the second half of the album, it was just as good as the first half. “Heavy Begs” oozes with wonderful guitar tones to compliment the well-written lyrics. “Young Blood” follows and clocks it at eight minutes and forty-two seconds. Personally, I believe the instrumental part could have been cut down a bit (maybe that time should have gone to my wishes of “Suburban Smell” being a bit longer, but hey, that’s just my opinion). “6 AM” closes out the album and incorporates the oh-so-wonderful acoustic guitar (not sarcasm) and gives the album a strong finish.

Considering I really only had two things to nit-pick (both being minor time issues), I can comfortably say that I don’t think this will be one of those albums early in the year that I’ll forget about later on when it comes time to look back on the music of 2015. I have no intentions to stop listening to this album. It’s actually the only one I’ve been listening to in full lately despite some other great albums that have already been released. A Flourish and a Spoil is a must-listen if you love great rock music.