Most Anticipated Of 2015

by James Cassar

Much like a Phineas & Ferb episode, this list doesn’t really adhere to a calendar. This list of Most Anticipated Releases might as well have been drafted in Malibu, because it’s really my Most Wanted list. Much like a five-paragraph essay, there’s a clear argument here – music needs these things these year. Also, much like a five-paragraph essay, my mom helped me write this. Without further poetic drivel, here are my 2015 picks that I’d love to talk your ear off about in the coming months, provided they come around.

James wants new music from…

Tim Landers left Transit last year, which not only birthed another strange notch in that band’s tortured belt – Joyride – but the first year without new Misser since the side project came together. 2012’s Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be a Better Person might be a pain to type out (but super fun to tack on to my life as some sort of Hallmark-card affirmation), but serves as one of the strongest grit-choked debuts to date. The lyrical interplay mixes vitriol with alcohol. I want more of this mental boxing match put to tape. 2013’s Distancing continued the fight, but it’s time for Round 3. I’m ringing the bell, guys.

Motion City Soundtrack
Where is this band? We’ve been granted that gold-standard of a ten year tour, Commit This to Memory being MCS’ flagship emo-pop gem. Casual listeners tend to forget that the band dropped fairly-good discs since then, most notably 2010’s My Dinosaur Life, which chased mental gymnastics with Justin Pierre’s snappy wordsmithing. I’d like to see something from this Minneapolis bunch, even if it is as commercial as Even if it Kills Me ended up. The title track of that LP is a banger.

As a giant blink fan, I’m not satisfied with what this 2009 reunion hath wrought. Yeah, there were the “greatest hits” arena package tours. There was Neighborhoods, a hodge-podge of Tom Delonge ego trip and Mark Hoppus features. There was Dogs Eating Dogs, and an inkling of hope for a full-length.

Well, it’s been a long time. I’ve flipped through issues of Alternative Press and seen features on the band’s “maybe-recording” process twice–once this month and once in 2013. I’m getting old, man. This isn’t a small thing anymore. It’s time to regroup, stand and deliver.

Dad Punchers / Warm Thoughts
Elliot Babin is a busy guy. After taking a break from beating the skins in Touche Amore, he recorded a handful of indie-leaning emo under the unfortunate name Dad Punchers. The project’s been rebranded as Warm Thoughts, and 2014 brought two tracks via a split with The Exquisites under the former moniker. Will Touche’s extended touring hiatus bring new tunes and more exciting introductory riffs? Who knows. Hope so.

It’s not all wishful thinking. James knows these artists/bands are dropping new material this year. He’s excited for the following:

Title Fight
The Hundred Acre Woods
State Champs
The Wonder Years
Elvis Depressedly