Most Anticipated Albums Of 2015

by Deanna Chapman

Here’s a quick look at some of my most anticipated album for the year. I have no doubt that this list will continue to grow as more albums are confirmed and announced. This is a mix of what I’m hoping for and what I know will be released. It looks like it will be another great year for music. Check out my list below.

Frank Ocean
Last year I wasn’t great at keeping up with the hip-hop releases. I get the feeling that this year that will change, especially if Frank Ocean is slated to release a new album. Channel Orange feels like it came out so long ago. I remember when I first heard it and I’ve been waiting for a follow up ever since.

Gwen Stefani/No Doubt
I’m really hoping that we get a solo Gwen album and a No Doubt album. I didn’t get too into Settle Down, but it wasn’t a bad album. I just need some new music from Gwen in my life, especially if she’ll be working with Pharrell again (which based on “Spark The Fire,” she is). I’m convinced there isn’t a thing Gwen Stefani can do that I won’t enjoy listening to.

Frank Turner
Will this be the year of the Frank’s? I sure hope so. I still adore songs like “Recovery” and “Plain Sailing Weather,” but I’ve been dying to hear some new music from Frank Turner. I need some more sad acoustic songs in my life.

Drake – Views From The 6
How does one follow up Nothing Was The Same? I’ve listened to a couple of the songs Drake has already released and I’m hoping his new album will have a good answer to my question. I’ve liked what I heard, but I’m hoping the album as a whole will be just as great as his last.

Adele is also reportedly collaborating with Pharrell. Is there anyone he hasn’t or won’t work with? Not that I’m complaining. I love his work and can’t wait to hear what these two come up with. Adele’s vocals range is always a highlight of her albums along with the songwriting. I hope the album comes sooner in the year rather than later because I get the feeling I’ll be wanting to listen to it as much as possible.

There are a ton of other albums I’m looking forward to (or hoping they even happen), but did not want to make this post extremely long. I’m sure as the year gets going, there will be more added to this list. Here’s what else I have so far:

Jose Gonzalez – Vestiges and Claws
Kendrick Lamar
The Early November
Death Cab For Cutie
The 1975
Brand New