Music Podcasts To Listen To In 2015


In 2014, podcasts really began to grow in popularity. With the likes of Serial and This American Life being successful, they are prime examples of how much room there is for podcasts to keep growing. I also just got into podcasts over the past year. If you love music and want to hear people discuss critical topics, interview artists, or get some music recommendations, here’s a list of podcasts to listen to in 2015.

100 Words or Less: The Podcast
Hosted by Ray Harkins, this podcasts consists of great interviews with people in the independent music scene. Some previous guests include David Anthony from The A.V. Club, Nick Diener from The Swellers, and Eddie Breckenridge from Thrice. Check out our making of feature here to learn more about 100 Words or Less.
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AbsolutePunk Podcast
This podcast is hosted by Jason Tate, Drew Beringer and Thomas Nassiff. They discuss music news and topics related to music in general. A good way to keep up with in spoken form.
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Inside Music Podcast
I’ve only listened to a few of this one so far but I do plan to catch up on it soon. The podcast is hosted by James Shotwell and presented by Haulix. He interviews people involved in the entertainment industry. Previous guests have included Zack Zarrillo, Chris Farren, and Thomas Nassiff.
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The Modern Vinyl Podcast
Modern Vinyl is the main way I keep up with vinyl news. The podcasts is entertaining and covers vinyl news, album reviews, and more. The podcast is hosted by Chris Lantinen, Michael Escanuelas, and James Cassar. We kicked off our Making Of feature with this podcast and you can check it out here
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Nothing To Write Home About
You may know Matt Pryor from one of several of his musical endeavors. He’s been part of The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, The Terrible Twos, Lasorda, and has his own solo project. This is his podcasts where he interviews the interesting people he’s met.
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Off The Record
Off The Record is hosted by Zack Zarrillo and Jesse Cannon. They discuss, music, music tech, and the music industry. Zack especially enjoys talking about Taylor Swift. If you’re looking for some good insights into the industry, be sure to check this one out.
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Sharing Needles With Friends 
Another fun podcasts that centers around vinyl and albums as a whole. You’ll get a variety of episodes including interviews, reviews, and b-sides. The show is hosted by Gene Priest and Derek Jones. Get to know more about the podcast by checking out our Making Of feature here.
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Simpler Sound (Coming Soon – 1/5)
Zack Zarrillo decided to start a second podcast with Evan Lucy as the co-host. They’ll be commenting and critiquing the underground music scene.
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Voice & Verse Podcast
This is Evan Lucy’s solo podcast where he interviews some of his favorite songwriters about the songs they write. Some recent guests include Kevin Devine and Andrew McMahon.
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Washed Up Emo
Washed Up Emo is hosted by Tom Mullen. He interviews people who were involved in the 90’s and early 2000 era of post-hardcore scene to give listeners the inside scoop on the music.  
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