HiFi Noise’s Albums Of The Year


As 2014 comes to a close, I (Deanna) wanted to make a list of my favorite albums. I made this list based on what albums I seemed to listen to most and my honorable mentions are albums I wished I had listened to more, but were great when I did listen to them. I also added in my top five EPs of the year. This list will also appear on PropertyOfZack sometime in the near future without the write ups on the albums.

As a side note: I run a label, Wreck It Records, and elected not to include those releases even though I really enjoyed them. Corporate Hearts Deathwishers was released before the band signed to the label. 

Top Ten (in no particular order):

Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour
This was hands down my most listened to album this year. I listened to it on Rdio, iTunes, and on vinyl. Sam Smith had a hell of a year and I enjoyed every minute of this album.

Manchester Orchestra – Cope/Hope
I slightly cheated and combined these two since it’s the same songs, different vibe. I think I enjoyed Hope more, but Cope was the first time I really got into this band and I’ve seen them live twice since then. I definitely plan on listening to their whole discography now.

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
I’ve listened to Andrew since he was doing Jack’s Mannequin. Yes, I missed out on Something Corporate, but I’ve listened to them since. I though this was a great, catchy pop album and it’s awesome to see Andrew doing so well. 

The American Scene – Haze
I hadn’t listened to this band a whole lot before, but this album was fantastic and I found myself continually listening to it. It’s another album that got a good amount of spins on vinyl. 

You + Me – rose ave.
This was a great, unexpected project from P!nk and Dallas Green (of CIty and Colour). I found this album extremely relaxing to listen to and there were a lot of times this year that I needed exactly that. 

Moose Blood – I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time
This is the first of two bands on my list that I had never heard of prior to this year. No Sleep Records does such a great job with signing bands, and Moose Blood is no exception. This album was perfect for fall and will give you all the feels. 

Bleachers – Strange Desire
Jack Antonoff really knows how to write anthemic songs. “I Wanna Get Better” was one of the best songs released this year. I was lucky enough to see Bleachers at Outside Lands this year and Jack put on a great, energetic performance and all I wanted to do was keep listening to this album. 

Sir Sly – You Haunt Me
Sir Sly is the second band I had not heard of before this year and this release. Another great album for fall listening. I have Jason Tate to thank for this band, since he recommended it on Chorus.fm.

Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You
This was a good year for me to get into bands I normally didn’t listen to before. PBTT is one of those bands and I’m glad I got into this release. Like Manchester Orchestra, I’ll have to go listen to that back catalog. 

Miranda Lambert – Platinum
I’m not going to lie, this album barely made the cut. I actually really love country music but this year I seemed to focus mainly on various rock and pop genres. However, this album reminded me why I love country music (and especially Miranda) and I thoroughly enjoy listening to the whole album.

Honorable Mentions:

Taking Back Sunday – Happiness Is

From Indian Lakes – Absent Sounds

Future Crooks – Future Crooks In Paradise

Run The Jewels – RTJ2

Lucy Hale – Road Between

Copeland – Ixora


Plainview – Plainview

Corporate Hearts – Deathwishers

Steady Hands – Brandy of the Damned

Front Porch Step – Whole Again

Noah Gundersen – Twenty-Something