Review: Yellowcard – ‘Lift A Sail’

Yellowcard just released their ninth studio album, Lift A Sail this week. The album brings about a noticeable change for the band. Not only did they not have LP on drums, but their sound has changed. Maybe for some it’s not a huge change, but for others it might be. Despite the change, I think many Yellowcard fans will be supportive of this album just as they have been in the past. It’s 100% a rock album as they seemingly leave the pop-punk vibes behind.

To start, the album has about a two minute introduction. I’m not a fan of it, mainly because I’ve never been a fan of tracks like this. Typically, when I want to listen to an album, I want it to start of big, and the intro track, “Convocation,” just doesn’t do that for me. Upon first listen, this made me slightly weary of the rest of the album. “Transmission Home” followed and since it was released as a single, I knew what to expect. I did enjoy this single more than “One Bedroom,” but it still didn’t wow me. By no means is it a bad song, but it just didn’t have that something extra that Yellowcard singles in the past have had. It wasn’t very memorable.

For the more upbeat songs, I thought many of them sounded pretty much like the same song. While casually listening to the album, I had to check what song I was listening to because I wouldn’t notice the end and start of another song. I’m not implying that each song needs to sound completely different, but some of the songs could have used a clearer stop and start point.

I’ve been a huge Yellowcard fan, and still am, but there was just something about this album that didn’t grab me right away. The guest vocals on “The Deepest Well” by Matty Mullins felt out of place. However, let me highlight some of the things I enjoyed about the album. Lyrics have always been a strong suit for the band and this album is no exception. Ryan Key writes some of the most heartfelt, yet excruciatingly painful lyrics you can read or listen to. The musicianship from the members is undeniably great, just needed a few slight changes to better differentiate the songs as I mentioned before.