Review: Future Crooks – ‘Future Crooks In Paradise’

Future Crooks is the first band signed by Bad Timing Records. Future Crooks In Paradise is out October 7, and it’s a hell of a debut album. The album consists of 12 songs, but the album is only about 26 minutes long, which I found to be refreshing. A lot of albums lately have been fairly long. Future Crooks brings melody to punk at a fast pace. You won’t find a song over two and a half minutes long and as soon as the album finishes, you’ll be wanting to start back at the top. This was a great catch for the label: the potential of the band is incredible.

When you first listen to Future Crooks In Paradise, you won’t realize you’re listening to their debut. However, some members have been doing this a while. Their guitarist, Brian Warren, is a member of Weatherbox, who brings a great level of talent and maturity as a musician. They have a lot of great things ahead of them considering they started of so well. I would call this a pop-punk album, but not necessarily typical pop-punk. It’s not quite like The Story So Far or The Wonder Years. It has catchy hooks, like many pop-punk songs, but there seems to be a more pop vibe than other bands which makes it an easy listen.

Some songs that stood out were “Briton” and “Digi Bird.” “Briton” has a fantastic guitar melody, while “Digi Bird” really just makes you want to jump and dance around. With the amount of energy you get from the album, I’m sure it’s a safe bet that these guys would put on one of the most energetic shows you’ve seen. At times, i found myself thinking back to albums like Dookie by Green Day with the hard-hitting, fast pace of the album. Future Crooks is bringing back something that I think has been missing for quite a while. They know what works for them and they do it exceptionally well.

There were a couple of other things I really enjoyed about the album. The main one was that you could clearly tell when songs would start and stop. Nothing drives me crazy like listening to an album where the whole thing sounded like one song if I was only slightly paying attention. While some songs have similar elements, I could clearly tell when a new song was on. That might be nitpicking, but it made for a great listening experience. Another thing I enjoyed was that it kept my attention through and through and left me wanting to listen to it again as soon as it finished. Future Crooks In Paradise is one of the best debut albums to come out in recent memory. I look forward to what comes next.