Review: Sir Sly – You Haunt Me


Sir Sly released their debut album You Haunt Me last week. It’s a great album, especially for the upcoming fall season. The indie pop outfit comes from Los Angeles and they know how to write catchy hooks that will draw you into their songs. Some of the songs had been previously released in 2013 on their Gold EP. The album builds off of those songs to bring even more fantastic songs to fruition.

“Where I’m Going,” “Gold,” “Ghost,” and “Found You Out” are the four songs from the EP. They’re also four of the first five songs. So if you’ve heard the band before, you’ll start the album with a sense of familiarity to it. The title track, is the only new song of the first five and it comes in at track four. It was the first song I had heard from the band since I had not listened to them prior to this release. As soon as I listened to the song, I just knew I had to hear the rest of the album. If you were also like me and had not heard the EP prior to this album, those four songs offer a solid start to the album. “Where I’m Going” was the perfect choice to kick off the album with it’s great beat that didn’t overpower the singer.

There’s only one track on the album with a featured artist and that is “Inferno,” which features Lizzy Plapinger from MS MR. Lizzy added an awesome vocal performance and it left me wishing the song was longer than the 2:50 that it was. Now I’m currently questioning why I never really listened to MS MR. You know an album is really fantastic when the one featured performance introduces you to another artist you may end up loving.

The only oddities I found listening to the album were the two Bloodlines parts. “Nowhere, Bloodlines pt. I” (track six) and “Helpless, Bloodlines pt. II” (track 11) started out like just another set of songs on the album, but they were each fairly long songs and had changes in the midst of them that made it seem like they had put two songs into each of these. It put a bump in the flow of the album with part one and part two was a strange song to end on. However, if you have the iTunes version, there’s a twelfth track titled “The First Stone” that was a much stronger ending to the album. I’d strongly suggest getting the iTunes version simply because of this track.

Overall, Sir Sly has put out a great debut album. It’s one to put on repeat for the fall and may even make some end of the year lists, not only with me, but other music lovers as well. This album is highly recommended and is refreshing from some of the mainstream pop records that can tend to be over-produced.