Album Review: Steady Hands – Brandy Of The Damned


Brandy Of The Damned is the third EP from Steady Hands. After watching them perform in some basements and small venue in Philadelphia, I knew I had to give the new EP a listen. I’m glad I did because it’s catchy, relatable, and so much more. Upon first listen, it immediately took me back to a Philly basement where I saw the band perform. They rocked the basement and had everyone singing along to their songs. These songs bring that same energy they bring to each of their shows. For college students, the songs about love, drinking, and not having a whole lot to your name are as relatable as it gets. 

“Brandy Of The Damned” kicks off the EP with a great piano introduction and kicks into high gear once Sean Huber chimes in with a full band and lyrics. The piano may be misleading at first, but fear not because these guys know how to rock and it hits you fast. “Pretty Good Year” follows and talks about fitting everything you own into the back of a 15 passenger van and how it’ll still be a good year. The instrumentation fits brilliantly with the lyrics and melody which makes the songs hard to forget, not that you would even want to forget them.

The single off of the EP was “Fragile Heart” and it opens with the powerful line of ‘Dear fragile heart I won’t tear you apart.’ You can hear the emotion in each song, but this one seemed to be the hardest hitting one. With it being released more than a full year before the EP, it gave fans something to look forward to. The rest of the songs are just as solid as the first three. “Southern Dream,” “We Will Rise,” and “Skin and Bones” round out the second half. They flow well with each other and “Skin and Bones” ends the EP in a great way. Overall, the song placement, lyrics, melody, and instrumentation all made this a joy to listen to. Easily one of the best EP’s I have heard this year. The release is out now via Lame-O Records.