Review: Lori McKenna – The Tree

Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna has been releasing albums since 2000, but I had no idea until her 2016 release, The Bird and the Rifle. I enjoyed that album, but her new album, The Tree, is one that quickly roped me in. I’ve mostly known her work through the songs she writes for other artists, but this new album is one that all country fans should be listening to.

“A Mother Never Rests” immediately sets the tone for the album. The acoustic guitar and McKenna’s vocals go hand-in-hand. Her songs don’t need to have a huge production behind them to be catchy either. You might not hear her on the radio as much, but I’ll just keep playing the album on repeat to get my fix in.

One of the songs that really stuck with me as I continued listening to the album was “People Get Old.” It’s instantly relatable, because there’s really no disputing the song title. People just get older, with the rare exception of tragedies that happen when people are young. We’ve all lost someone simply from old age.

The following song, “Young and Angry Again,” is one that I found myself just wanting to play on repeat. The melody on it is fun and the chorus is catchy. The album closes out with “Like Patsy Would” and I love the nod to Patsy Cline. It’s a fantastic note to end the album on and you can tell that McKenna draws influence from Patsy.

This is a record that I’ll be listening to for quite a while. It’ll probably be one I listen to even more as fall comes around because some albums just go nicely with certain times of year. Overall, I loved this record start to finish.

If you want a copy of The Tree by Lori McKenna, you can pick one up over at Amazon.

Playlist: Gloop Share Favorite Songs of 2018 So Far


Gloop hail from Maryland and today they’ve shared a playlist of their favorite songs of 2018 so far. Give the playlist a listen!

Dom’s Picks 

Fratmouth – “Download Yr Meat Judge”

We just played with them and I have yet to listen to the whole album. But they play wild music and put on a wild show. To not be missed if you like feeling uneasy.

Thought Eater –  “Bones in the Fire, Pt. 1”


John R. Miller – “Red Eyes”

Local hero does good! I still remember the first time I saw John play in Shepherdstown, WV when I was 18. He was just a level up from everyone else in terms of songwriting.

HIRS – “Invisible”

HIRS continues to blow me away, one day I will check them out live.

Blake’s Picks

Fire! – “The Hands” 

Bass, saxophone, and drums. Really locked in and hypnotic.

Hatchie – “Sure”

Undeniably my favorite song of the year so far.

Kero Kero Bonito – “You Know How It Is”

My summer earworm from their latest EP. In this track KKB traded in their usual electronic pop sound and leaned more on fuzzy guitars reminiscent of The Pillows. Proof to me that solid songwriting really is the end all.

Drinks – “Corner Shops”

A lovely weirdo rock collaboration between Cat Le Bon and Tim Presley. This is also a PSA that the Drag City catalog is available on Spotify now.

Max’s Picks

Blessed – “Sound”

This song is 7 minutes long and worth every second; sounds really complex but easy to remember.

Tunic – “Teeth Showing”

Raw, balls to the wall noise rock.

Pretty Please – “Milk Steak”

Solid heavy sludge with catchy melody and dissonant guitar parts.

Frigs – “Talking Pictures”

A curious song with a driving beat.

Interview: In The Whale Talk Denver Music Scene and More

In The Whale

In The Whale are currently out on tour. They took some time to tell us about the Denver music scene, what it was like touring with The Descendents, and more.

With the band turning 7 this year, how would you say you’ve progressed since those early days?

We’ve grown quite a bit in popularity and our sound has grown quite a bit as well. We like to think we know a lot more about what it takes to survive in this industry. But we still have a lot to learn.

What is the local music scene like in Denver? Is it pretty tight-knit for a major city?

Honestly, we don’t spend much time at home these days as we’re trying to tour as much as we can. Sadly, we’ve lost touch with how the Denver scene has been lately, but we do have life long friends who are promoters and talent buyers and in bands in Denver.

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t listened to the band before?

We would say if you haven’t listened to the band before, than just do it! Don’t wait for us to describe our sound to you, just find us on Spotify and listen and you’ll be good to go!

What was it like touring with The Descendants? What did you learn from being on the road with them?

Touring with the Descendents was an experience we’ll never forget. We were so flabbergasted and amazed that we were allowed to play with them that we didn’t really have time to learn much.

You’re on a headlining tour now, how is that going?

So far so good. The crowds have been great and we’re testing out new material from our new EP that seems to be going over very well.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2018?

Tour our butts off. Stack fat paper.

Thank you for your time. Where can readers keep up with the band?

Or for upcoming tour dates:

Welcome to Geekdom 093: The Incredibles

Welcome To Geekdom

Welcome to Geekdom returns with an episode on The Incredibles. Murjani Rawls joins to discuss our favorite moments in the film, the cast, and more. You can subscribe on iTunes, Overcast, or Google Play and check out the episode below.

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Welcome to Geekdom 092: Warped Tour

Welcome To Geekdom

Welcome to Geekdom is back with a new episode on Warped Tour. Becky Kovach returns and we discuss our experiences at Warped and more. You can subscribe on iTunes, Overcast, or Google Play and check out the episode below.

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